Sunday, November 20, 2011

My 3 Year-Old is Thankful...

This morning I asked my 3 year-old what he is thankful for.  He said nothing.  I told my sister that would make a wonderful blog...  She then re-worded the question for my 3 year-old.  She asked him what he is happy for.  He started a list.

1. His big brother
2. His big brother playing DS with him
3. His baby sister
4. His big sister
5. His Aunt Brenda
6. His Mommy
7. His Daddy
8. Going to school
9. His bed
10. Eating and drinking
11. Mario games
12. and his family and friends in NY.

This is a pretty good list for a 3 year-old I think.  I was proud of him for being able to think of things that he is happy for.  I am sure they are not in any specific order.

I am thankful that he is a good, healthy little boy.  I am thankful for the sense of humor that he already demonstrates.  He reminds me a lot of his Uncle Jim.  I can see that he will be a lot like him as he gets older, which will make him a good man.  He has a sparkle in his eyes that I miss when he gets sick.  He is a hard little guy to punish because he will look at me with a big smile on his face and ask for one more chance.  I am thankful that he enjoys having books read to him.  I am thankful that he enjoys being with the family.

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