Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Sunday Back at Church in a While

It was a wonderful Sunday.  Our church schedule switched to 9 am - 12 pm.  Our schedule last year was 1-4 pm.  It is not a good schedule for us.  It was wonderful to wake up, get ready for church, and leave.  There was no time to fight.  The children got ready for church and then it was time to go.  When church is at 1 pm, half the day is over, and the children have really annoyed each other. 

It seemed like the 3 hour block went really fast.  I hadn't been to church in several weeks.  If I wasn't sick, one of the children were.  No one had seen the baby walking until today.  She went throughout Relief Society (the women's meeting) visiting everyone.  I would stand up to see who she was with, and the women would smile and tell me she was okay.  Everyone really loves her.  She would go over to them and give them a big smile and grab some of their hands, or their purses, or their scriptures.  They would just smile.

I am grateful for the opportunity to go to church again.  It is wonderful to be able to take the sacrament.  It was nice to sit with my family and see the people I know from the ward.  There was nothing awkward about going back.  It was like I hadn't missed a single week, let alone several of them. 

I watched some sports after church.  I enjoy sports.  I did some Family Search Indexing.  I did 630 names today.  It is nice to do things that will help others.  It helps to keep me busy too.  I watched The Biggest Loser premiere.

My baby went to sleep at 7:45 pm.  I think I need to go to sleep too, because I imagine she will be waking up quite early.   Have a great night!

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