Monday, January 14, 2013

Moments That Change Life

The only reason I am thinking about this life-changing moment is that I am feeling it right now.  It was August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina was bearing down on the southern portion of our country.  I wasn't down there, but the police chief's son was, so that is how I remember what was going on.

I had asked my husband to buy diapers to bring home on his way home from work.  During this period in my life, I had two babies in diapers.  They were 1 and 2 years-old.  He was too tired to stop, so I ended up needing to go out and get them.  It was a Saturday morning.  I got the diapers and then decided that I also wanted donuts.  My little fellow that decided to ride with me wanted donuts too, so we ran through the Tim Hortons drive thru.  I had also bought him animal crackers while I was in WalMart.

I headed out down Constitution.  When I got to the light at the intersection of Constitution and Wayne, the light turned red.  So, in all my obedience to the law, I stopped.  Apparently, the old man driving behind me (he was 84), doesn't always stop at red lights, and doesn't think that others should either.  I had been stopped long enough to have had my left hand securely on the steering wheel, and turn around to talk to check on my son, whom I had handed an animal cracker.  Well, the man hit the back of my car.  My shoulder has hurt ever since. 

The man told the police officer that I had "stopped abruptly" at the red light.  I told the officer, that although I don't know about the gentleman that hit me, I have always stopped at red lights.  I also told him that I had been stopped long enough that I had time to turn around and check on my son.  I believe that if I hadn't been turned in that position with my hand on the steering wheel, I may have not injured my shoulder.  It is hard to know for sure though.

I have come to understand that I will always have pain in my shoulder and my back.  My back had been injured in 1999 when someone backed into the front of a car I was exiting.  Getting rear-ended certainly didn't help that pain.  I have a baseline for the pain.  I just know that it will hurt, but it is bearable.  I guess the best way to explain it, is since I have to live with it, I should bear it and not complain about it.  I think everyone, including myself, would get tired of hearing about it.

Well, today, for some reason, my shoulder is in immense pain.  I am not sure if it due to one activity over the past few days, or several, but whatever it is, I have not hurt this bad in a long time.  I still have pain medicine from when I had my c-section after my baby was born.  I took one of those.  It helped, but didn't completely remove the pain. 

I am hoping that I will be able to get some sleep tonight.  It is my plan.  It is 1 am and I am still hurting.  I don't want to take another pain killer because my husband is sleeping and I need to be alert if the little one wakes up.  Oh well, I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!

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