Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our New Addition

Last night, after I finished my blog, I went upstairs to tuck in my son.  I also check on our Guinea pigs to make sure they still have water and food.  Well, something seemed a little strange in the cage.  For a few days, I had been asking my husband to flip over one of the Guinea pigs and see if there were signs of pregnancy.  He thought I was kidding, but I was quite serious.  We were told that they were both female.  When my Dad was visiting at Thanksgiving time, he took a look at told us that one of them looked like a male.  We left them in the same cage, and still called them Gracie and Elizabeth.

It was confirmed last night that Elizabeth is not a female, Gracie is a female.  There was a baby in the cage when I checked.  Little did I know that Guinea pigs go into heat as soon as they give birth.  Elizabeth, who is now Harry, was trying to procreate.  This is how I knew right away who the mom was.  We removed Harry from the cage and put him in his own container.  He has not been happy at all since then.  He cries a lot, and it is very sad.  He has never not been with another Guinea pig.

Well, here is Baby.  That is what we are calling it until we know if it is a boy or girl.  We are still determining if we will end up keeping it or not.  We also need to figure out how we are going to deal with the Gracie/Harry situation. 

Baby looks just like Gracie...
My children are very excited that they are grandparents.  They have been telling the baby that they are the "Grandma" and "Grandpas."  This is my 5 year-old in complete joy holding his grandbaby.  This makes me a Great-grandma and I am not sure I am ready for that :)

This has brought on a whole new conversation that I am trying to avoid as long as possible.   My children have been told that when they were born, the doctor had to cut me open and take them out.  We have left it at that.  They have seen the place that I have been cut and everything, as soon as I had the baby.  They wanted to see where the baby came out of.  I have c-sections.  The children know Gracie was not cut open, but there is still a baby.  I heard one of the theories and it was quite amusing... my 9 year-old suggested that she threw up and the baby was there. I think that delivery method would be shocking to any mother!  :)

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