Friday, January 18, 2013

Halloween 2012

It is quite evident that this post is a bit overdue, just by the title of it.  I was waiting until I could post pictures of the costume.  Our camera is lost more frequently than not.  I found the camera and took the card out.  I then copied the photos to my computer so I could get them on here.

My children were supposed to be matching this year.  My two daughters were supposed to be fairy princesses, compliments of matching costumes my friend made for them.  My two sons were supposed to be Army soldiers.  My youngest son ended up being Mario from Mario Bros, because he had no clue where his Army costume went. 

We started off the evening going to Krispy Kreme doughnuts where the children each got a free doughnut.  We then went to Nielsen Frozen Custard where people would get a free small frozen custard if they brought in a text.  They didn't say that each person needed their own phone with the text on it.  We got one small cup and I let my children eat it.

When we got home, there was a trunk or treat at the Church close to my house.   My kids each grabbed a bag and ran to the corner.  Well, all of my children that could walk.... The baby hung out with me. 

The children then came home and I brought all of them Trick or Treating, including the baby.  We went to a few houses.  I just wanted the baby to go out and be seen her in costume that matched her sister.  They got a lot of compliments.  They looked really cute, all of them.  When we came back, my husband took the children out. 

That night, the Great Pumpkin came and took their candy.  It is something that happens right after Halloween every year.  It is so that they don't eat too much candy.

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