Monday, January 7, 2013

It is SOOOOO Cold!

There hasn't been a day above freezing in a long time.  Long time, being over two weeks.  That is a long time to me when it has been this cold.  It is bitterly cold in the mornings and at night.  Although, it does get warmer during the day, we can't really say it is warm, by any means.  I felt warmer on Saturday than I did in a long time, then I heard the weather person on the radio say we had reached 20 degrees.  Whoopee! 

My sister and I will be going out in this freezing cold weather in a matter of minutes.  We will do our exercise.  It will be nice to do the running/walking.  I will look forward to when we can do it in a little warmer weather!  I think one of the days this week, it is going to get above freezing.  I may not wear a coat that day.  It will feel warm. 

Some of the mornings it has been in the single digits.  My husband is in charge of getting the children to school.  I am in charge of getting them home.  Up until Christmas break, this meant a walk.  After Christmas break, I have picked them up from school every time, except for twice.  My husband has driven them to school everyday, except for once.  That was their first day back to school, that is when he realized that it was way too cold. 

My baby girl has a rash on her stomach.  It is some kind of viral rash.  The doctor says it isn't anything to worry about, but had me start giving her benadryl just to relieve the itching.  It knocks her out pretty fast.  She is sleeping now. 

My husband just got home so I am heading out for a run. 

Have a good night!

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