Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Who else can't believe it is 2013?! 

A new year, a new set of resolutions.  I am willing to admit that I failed miserably when it comes to resolutions last year.

With that said, I am willing to start over.   I will start over. 

I am a huge chocoholic.  If it were up to me, chocolate would be paired with just about everything.  I am going to start unpairing it though.  I will not eat as much chocolate as I did in 2012.  I think I will drop weight easier.  I did manage to lose about 15 pounds this year.  This year, I would love to double that... or even triple it.  I know it is possible, it would be less than 1 pound a week.

I will start to run again.  For my birthday, I bought myself a couple of gifts to help with this goal.  I bought a running calendar, it has a day-by-day entry for how far you ran and a few other things.  I will use this to track what I am doing and what I have done.  I also bought a running watch, or rather, a watch to track running times and splits.  I think this will also help me out.  Now I just need to determine places to run.  I live in a safe area, but that being said, nowhere is really safe, it just takes one person to end the safety of an area.  I know, quite pessimistic, but very true.

My sister and I are going to start running together.  I think this will be wonderful.  I always do better with someone else along.  I am hoping to convince my children to join me.  

I need to get back in touch with the spiritual aspect of my life.  I need to make the time to read my scriptures daily.  It isn't a hard thing to do.  I have 24 hours in my day, just like everyone else. 

I also plan to have normal colored hair again.  This is one of the first things I plan to accomplish.  I got red highlights back in October.  They weren't very visible, so the Saturday before Christmas I asked to have them be more visible.  We will just say, I look like a dark brown and red candy cane on top of my head.  It is not nice.  I don't know what color this red is, but I wouldn't advise getting it.  I don't really like going outside where other people can see me with this hair, but I do it when it is necessary.  I will be getting it redone on Saturday.  It is just not me... some people look good with hair like this, but it is very bold and just doesn't fit my personality at all.

My house... I will attempt to keep it clean.  I will spend at least 30 minutes a day doing that.  I want to organize things so I know where to look for them.

I need to remind myself that life is good.  Even though I am not near more than half of my family, I can be happy.  I miss them like the dickens and I get depressed because I can't just go 5 miles or less and see my parents and my brothers and one of my sisters anymore. 

My blog... I need to do this more often.  My children are growing up so fast and I want to do better about recording it.  My baby started walking on Thanksgiving with the help of her sister and cousin.  I can't believe it.  She doesn't even crawl anymore at this point.  She has six teeth and loves listening to the "Piano Guys" with her "da."  

Oh, and I want to win the ESPN Streak for the Cash.  That would be really nice.  :)

Happy New Years to everyone and have an amazing 2013. 

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