Monday, August 20, 2012

A Black Eye

My four year-old was playing around on Thursday and "slammed" into my daughter's dresser.  I heard crying like I hadn't heard in quite awhile.  The children brought him upstairs and I saw a big old knot next to his left eye.  I asked what happened, and they said, "He slammed into a dresser."  I immediately put a package of frozen peas on the knot. 

The knot next to his eye on Thursday, turned into a black eye by Friday morning.  I am starting to wonder how long it can last.  Here we are on Monday and he still has a black eye.  I do believe that this is his first black eye.  I am also hoping it is his last. The poor fellow!

I am thankful that he hit the dresser where he did... a little further to the right and he would have gotten his eye, a little further to the left he would have gotten his temple.  So, if this had to happen, it happened in the right place. 

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