Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Backson

My sister came upstairs last night, after my 4 year-old came up, trembling.  He had just finished watching a terrifying movie, a movie called "Winnie the Pooh."   It is a rated G movie.

She came up to tell me that he was scared to death of something in the movie, "Winnie the Pooh."  I wasn't sure I heard her right, so I repeated it back.  She confirmed.  Who would think that "Winnie the Pooh" would have anything that could be remotely scary?!

He woke her up to let her know.  He came running up here, scared to death, and lay down beside me.  He was not able to talk about it for a few minutes.  I kept asking him what was scary.  He told me that it had horns and a triton.  So, I was wondering if Piglet had a pitchfork or something.

Tonight, we fast forwarded the movie, so he could show us what was scary.  The thing appears to be a bull, with a ring through its nose.  I haven't watched the whole movie yet, but I needed to see the scary thing.  Seeing through the eyes of a child is difficult.  I can't figure out how it is scary.  He was hiding under a pillow while he pointed it out.  He truly is afraid of that thing, referred to as "Backson."

I am going to have to watch the whole thing, to get the full jest of the Backson.  My sister said when she woke up, the credits were running.  So, I am guessing that it comes back toward the end of the movie.  I will be watching it soon, when he isn't in the room.  I don't see the point in scaring him.  I want to understand though why that thing is scary.

We are sitting here right now watching "Tangled."  Another rated G movie by Disney.  He asked to watch something else so he wouldn't have "that dream" again.  "Tangled" is something else.  "That dream" was probably a nightmare about Backson last night.

I know as a young child, I was scared to death of a rocking horse that was in my room.  I would hide under the bed when I would wake up.  I still remember some of the nightmares I would have about it.  I am sure if I would have told my parents, it wouldn't have remained in my room, but I was scared to death of that thing.  I know that although things don't seem scary, they can be. 

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