Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Daughter's First Audition

On Saturday, August 25, 2012, my 8 year-old had her first audition.  I saw on Twitter that my city was having a play in October and there was going to be auditions.  I asked my two children that are old enough if they would want to do that.  I knew that my daughter would and that my son would not, but I had to give them both the option.  I was right.  I made the appointment for the audition, several days before, and we were set to go. 

My daughter was looking forward to this audition for the next several days.  She would ask me how many days until the audition.  There was no way that she would let me forget what was going on.  This opportunity was the highlight of her life, since we moved to this house.  That morning, she woke up, got a shower, had her outfit picked out and ready to go.  She woke me up, a couple hours early, to be sure she wouldn't be late.

The audition was set for 10 am and she had to be there by 9:45 am to read over the lines.  We got there about 9:35 so that we could be sure that we found the right place.  I am still getting used to where everything is around here.

We went in and she let them know who she was.  They gave her a number.  She was number 41.  I had to fill out a form and we both had to initial it and sign it.  After we were finished, we went into the hallway so that she could start reading lines.  Since she has no background in theater, I had to explain to her that she doesn't just read the lines, that she has to add emotion.  She did a great job reading, I thought.

The children had to line up in numerical order to go in for the audition.  Away my daughter went...  I went on a walk with my baby in her carrier.  I figured I should do something for that half hour.  I got back a little early and waited for her to come out.  She didn't get a "call back" slip.  I told her that was okay, and we came home.

On Tuesday, as directed, we went back to find out if she got a part.  She is going to be the "Narrator 1" in the Pre-show Show.  I was very happy with that.  She wanted to be in the "real" show.  I told her that there were many children that are not going to get to do anything.  I also told her that this is a stepping stone.  Since she has no experience in theater, to this point, it is nice that she got a part.  This will give her experience.  She was happy with that explanation.

My son has decided that next time he is going to audition too.  I guess the thought of actually being in the play sounds like a good idea to him.  The thought of trying out wasn't quite as enticing. 

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