Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Fastest Four Weeks

This year I went back east to visit family and friends.  We left Utah on Independence Day.  We meaning myself and my four children.  We were dropped off at the Salt Lake City Airport and spent the next 9 hours either on a plane or in an airport.  It never fails to amaze me how flying to Buffalo can mean a stop in Washington DC.  I love DC, but it is a bit further east than Buffalo. 

My children were amazing on the flights.  We flew with only one DS.  The children shared it well.  They read or just talked when it wasn't their turn.  My daughter, being the outgoing child she always has been, made a friend at the airport during a layover.  Her friend's name is Nina.  She ended up flying the second leg of the flight with Nina and her mother.  That made her time in the airport and the flight go quicker. 

We arrived in Buffalo a little before 9 pm.  We hadn't checked any bags, so we hurried to roadway to be picked up.  It was wonderful to see my mom, sister and bro-in-law waiting for us.  We hoped to make it to my hometown in time to see the fireworks.  My bro-in-law adjusted the carseat for my baby and off we went.  My three older children with them, and myself and my baby with my mom.  On the way home, we had to make a pitstop at a Burger King for potty time. 

We missed the fireworks by about 10 minutes.  We met the rest of the family at a local ballpark.  My sister had bought the lantern balloons (whatever they are called, as seen on "Tangled").  They set them off up in to the air one at a time.  I wondered if some of them would clear some electric lines and trees, but they all did.  It was amazing to watch them lift off.  It was beautiful.  They flew away into the sky, where they would turn into little lights and then fade away.

During those four weeks, we got to watch some softball games, and tournaments.  We were going to participate in a kickball tournament but it ended up being the last day we would all be together.  There was a UHaul that had to be packed, as my sister and her family were moving to WY the next day. 

We spent many hours in the backyard on the swings.  We would laugh and talk like old times.  Any time we get together, it is a good time.  Dad grilled some food, which is always delicious.  We watched the birds.  The squirrels came around to scare me.  I have a horrible fear of them.  They are fine if they stay 10 feet or more away from me. 

My baby warmed up to the family within 48 hours.  She took an instant liking to her Uncle Bob.  I warned him before I gave her to him that she will probably cry.  Not a peep out of her mouth.  She was content.  I was amazed. 

The children got to get re-acquainted with some of their friends.  My son got to see his closest friend several times, for which I am thankful.  The children spent a lot of time with their cousins.  I miss those times.

My older brother came into town for a visit for a few days before he had to go down to Pittsburgh for a conference.  We got to watch all the boys play in a softball tournament together.  That was awesome.  The next day we went up to the Rock.  It is where my dad grew up.  It is a special place to our family.  My poor baby was a little sweat ball by the time we finished the hike, since she was in a baby carrier. On the way home, we stopped and got a few buckets of ice cream, as tradition would have it. 

My mom, two younger brothers, my sister, her son, my kids and I all went to Palmyra, NY, to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant.  We got to visit the Joseph Smith Home and walk through the Sacred Grove.  We went up and walked around the Palmyra Temple as well.  It was a wonderful time.

I was blessed to get to visit with some of my dear friends.  I saw some of them at church and some stopped by my parents' house to see me.  I enjoyed getting to visit with each of them.

28 days flew by.  There were many people that I wanted to see, that I didn't get to.  One day quickly became the next, and one week, quickly became 4.  Time flies when you are having fun, right!?

On Sunday, July 29, my little brother and my sister and her family, moved out of New York.  My brother was headed to Washington State, and as mentioned before, my sister was headed for Wyoming.  They drove out west and took my two older children for the trip.  They arrived here on Tuesday.

My two younger children and I flew out of Buffalo and arrived in Salt Lake on August 1.  It was a good flight.  I had never flown during a storm.  It was quite amazing to see the lightning below us.  It was late, so my children slept through it.  There was at least an hour of turbulence, so that was for the best.

I came home to a new house.  My husband closed on a house while I was on vacation.  He packed up most of the apartment and did a great job.  I did some packing before I left.  Now we face the task of unpacking.  I plan on this being our last move.  I really hope that this is the house that I grow old in, that this is the house that the children call home, even when they no longer live here.  My parents' house will always be home to me.

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