Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The New House

As I mentioned previously, my husband was busy packing and signing closing papers on a house while I was back east.  We had located the house that we wanted to buy before I headed out.  He was blessed to sign the closing papers on July 31, which was 5 days after we were supposed to.  Thankfully the family we bought the house from signed the papers to extend the closing date.  It was quite stressful having that out of our hands.

On Saturday, several men from my church came and helped load our stuff out of the storage unit into the UHaul and then unload it into our new house.  We have a TON of stuff to do.  We have to unpack all of our stuff.  Thankfully, the men brought the heavy stuff in.  We have a couch in our family room, beds in the bedrooms, desks and dressers where they should be. 

As I look around, I see a lot of boxes.  I know that eventually they will be empty, and I look forward to that day.  I am thankful to know that this is likely the last time I will move for a long time. 

My children have been very helpful.  They enjoy unloading boxes and discovering what is in each one.  It is almost like Christmas.  My 4 year-old found a box full of whiffle balls today.  He had a blast with those.

It is wonderful to have doubled our space 2 1/2 times over.  It is nice to be able to put things away and not have the clutter associated.

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