Monday, August 13, 2012

First Sleepover

Tonight my daughter is having her first sleepover with someone outside the family.  The girl that is sleeping over is the only other child that is living on our street right now.  There are a couple other children that will be back soon, they are away visiting family, so we haven't met them yet.

My daughter had that little ray of sunshine in her eyes when she asked.  I remember when I was young and I would have a sleepover.  Half the time, I would end up back at home in middle of the night.  I started to pretend that I was at home as I would doze off to sleep.  That made the homesickness go away.

We had Family Home Evening tonight.  It was on miracles.  I know that miracles still happen today.  I have seen them happen for myself and for others.  Each of my children are a miracle.  I was once told that I would not be able to have children without fertility treatments.  I never had to have fertility treatments and I have four wonderful children.

I had made brownies and bought ice cream so we could have brownie sundaes for the treat.  My daughter asked if she could invite her friend for the treat.  I told her that she could.  So, her friend came over for that.  She was then invited to go running with my husband and children.  I had her find out if her family wanted the rest of the brownies.  When she asked if she could go running, she found out that they would take the brownies.  The brownies were delivered on the way to the park.

It was at the park that I was asked if the friend could spend the night.  I tried to think of several reasons why she shouldn't stay.   In the end, I thought it would be nice for the girls to have this time to spend together and forge a good friendship.

As a mother, I have always wanted my children to have good friends.  That is what enticed me to go with my children to find friends.  They didn't want to go by themselves to see if there were children.  I didn't really want them to, because I didn't know who lived around here.  So, we went on the adventure together and found a child.  You would think that in a neighborhood, there would be more than a few children.  I think we doubled the child population here!  I remember when we moved to NY in 1983, my family doubled the child population there.  I realize now that the older neighbors probably weren't so excited!

Well, the children are off to bed.  Morning will come early!

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