Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Peach Tree

Today was a big day in our life as homeowners.  On Saturday, I went to Lowes and bought a bunch of things.  The things include a hose, oscillating sprinkler, sealant for our roof, a brush to spread it, mulch, soil and fertilizer, grass seed, grass seed spreader, cherry tree, and a peach tree. 

The cherry tree is going to make a return visit to Lowes.  My husband has heard that birds eat the cherries and then decide to poop on the house, which will leave stains, according to him.  We certainly don't want red, bird poop stains on our house or cars.  We don't want to stain our neighbors' cars either.

My husband and daughter borrowed a shovel from our neighbor across the street.  Then my husband went in the backyard and started digging.  My husband apparently found an underground anthill.  I would dare say there were thousands of them.  Since he already had a good hole going, he just kept digging.  Our peach tree went into that hole. 

It is a cute little tree.  We put the soil and fertilizer around it.  We watered it.  We followed the directions.  I am excited to see what happens with our peach tree next year.  I was told that it would be producing fruit next year.  It is a little tree, so I imagine we might get 2 peaches next year.  I am not sure how much the tree will grow in the fall, winter and spring. We shall see!

The grass seed got spread in the front yard on Saturday, shortly after I got here with it.  My 4 year-old had gone to Lowes with me.  He was very excited to spread the seeds.  We wanted to do the front yard first because everyone sees that.  The backyard needs the seeds too.  We will seed that this weekend. 

The oscillating sprinkler has been put to good use.  The children like to run it all over the yard.  They also like to run through it.  Ever since we lived at our last apartment, the children have enjoyed sprinkler parties.  It is very fun if they can turn the sprinklers on and have their own sprinkler party, on their own terms.

If it weren't for the poisonous spiders that seem to inhabit this area of my world, I think I would really like it here!  I killed a black widow spider today.  It is not something I ever envisioned myself doing.  I never associated them with Utah.  I came to college here.  I lived here for a couple years before I moved back east.  It is not something I want to deal with :(

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