Sunday, August 19, 2012

Are Two Front Teeth Really Worth It?

My ten month-old daughter seems to get her teeth in pairs.  Her first two teeth, the bottom two in the front, popped out around July 10th.  There wasn't much of a fuss with those.  You wouldn't even know she was teething, except you could see them cutting through the gums.

She is now getting her two front teeth.  You can see the whole things through her gums, they just haven't broken through yet.   They are not coming quite as easily as she would prefer.  To the creator of Orajel, thank you!  To the creator of Baby Acetaminophen, thank you!  My baby seems to be having some anger issues with these teeth.  I think that she is trying to tell them to either pop out, or stay forever embedded in her gums, but to please stop hurting!

She is a very happy baby, so it is sad to see this pain, and to have her temperament change.  It is amusing to see her chew effectively with only 2 teeth.  She can eat quite well, using her gums for most of the chewing.

She has become very talented in feeding herself.  I don't think a parent realizes how well the baby's hand-mouth coordination is until you spot a foreign object in a dirty diaper.  Today, for example, there was a red piece of paper in her diaper, which turned out to be a label, that wasn't chewed very well, that said "Made in ...."  Not quite sure where the label was made.  Just reminds me that I need to pay closer attention to what is on my floor.  I guess that I need to vacuum several times a day!

It was a wonderful Sunday, my husband, baby and I went to church.  My sister and children came back from Wyoming.  It is always wonderful to be back together again :)

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