Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is It Exercise?

Is it exercise if you enjoy it?  Or is it just a good way to have fun and burn some calories?  Well, I have discovered that crawling around is what brought up that question.  My baby is a very good crawler.  She enjoys having the whole house as her playground.

I decided one night to get down on the ground and crawl around with her.  As I got down there, on my hands and knees, and started chasing her around, something very interesting happened.  She got the biggest smile possible and turned and started crawling toward me.  She would get really close to me and then lie down. 

Later that evening, when my sister got home, I told her what happens.  I showed her too.  I got down on the ground, the baby got a big old smile and started crawling toward me.  I started crawling away, then she got close to me and down she went to her belly.  My sister realized what she was doing.  She wanted to go under me.  I then got up higher and under she went...like a boat going under a bridge.

I have daily been getting down there and playing with her.  She will follow me all over the house.  I never realized how painful crawling on tile can be.  I will definitely be keeping the thick carpeting until she is well past her crawling and falling phase.  When I go from the family room (thick carpet), to the kitchen (painful tile), then to the dining room (thick carpet), I look forward to the carpet again.  I am glad that we have the carpeting now. I wanted hardwood floors, I will get them when the baby is a bit older.

It is a good workout.  I had been trying to figure out why my arms have been hurting.  It is the crawling and going up and down to be at her level and then let her go under me.  It is well worth it, I love the smile I receive when I get down there and she knows what is about to happen.  She is my little crawling buddy!

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