Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Apron

I have a couple of aprons now.  I never really saw the point of having an apron until I heard that it is to keep my clothes clean.  I got them as gifts so I decided that I might as well keep them.  I have yet to tie one around my waist, but my daughter wears them regularly.  They are almost like a fashion accessory to her.  Right now, she is walking around the house in a dress, an apron, and a pair of her aunt's high heels.  She has even put her hair up! Perhaps I should start dressing up like that and I will feel more like tying on an apron.  My usual cooking attire is jeans, t-shirt and either barefoot or socks.

My daughter doesn't cook very often.  She does know how to make soup, whether it is a can or ramen noodles.  She can make some good scrambled eggs.  She knows how to cook pasta quite well also.  She enjoys helping out in the kitchen, which I think is important.  Although I don't plan on dying young  (or whatever I am considered at 38 or before my children are fully grown), I would like to know that my children would eat more than just pasta and sandwiches.

My four year-old son is also quite interested in anything cooking related.  He has enjoyed helping me out in the kitchen since he was almost 3.  I get nervous having him out there, especially since he is a big fan of stirring the noodles (in boiling water) or making his own scrambled eggs.  Thankfully we have an electric stove, so there isn't an open flame burning under the pan.  He won't eat scrambled eggs if he didn't make them himself.  I am also right beside him to supervise.

I'm not sure at what age I can expect the children to start cooking by themselves.  They have cookbooks and I try to encourage them to pick things they want to make.  My 8 year-old is the one that seems the least interested.  It is easy to make a bowl of cereal, right?  And a lot less time-consuming.  I think I may teach them to make pancakes this weekend.  They love chocolate chip pancakes...their grandma is famous for making them.  We don't have them often since almost the whole country separates us.

Hope you have all had a wonderful Thursday!

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