Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back to Church

Today I went back to church.  I haven't been there since Christmas Day.  I have either not felt well or one of my children haven't felt well.  It was wonderful to be back.  I went to Sacrament Meeting for a little while, then had to go feed the baby, then got back to Sacrament for a few minutes before the closing song and prayer.

My 4 year-old didn't want to go to primary by himself.  He was crying and wanted me to go with him.  The baby and I went with him and stayed until about 15 minutes before it ended.  I then went in to Gospel Doctrine with my husband.  After that, they had combined men and women for the final class.  We watched a video about family history.  They then announced that they would like our ward goal to be to index 100000 names this year.  It would mean 200 names per month.  I can do that.  I love doing Family Search Indexing!

It was a wonderful day and it is so nice to be back at church!  I have missed the people and how nice it is to be there.

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