Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oatmeal Cookies

I told my daughter that she could make oatmeal cookies today.  She was very excited.  It all went well until we needed 1 cup of sugar.  I told her where the sugar was.  She informed me that it wasn't there.  She reminded me that we used the rest of it when we made fudge on New Year's Eve.  She came out with the powdered sugar.  She wanted to use that, I told her no.  She said we would just have to have it without sugar then.  I allowed her to use the powdered sugar at that point. 

The cookies turned out okay, I guess.  I didn't eat any of them because my stomach hasn't been right today.  The dough tasted good though, so I imagine the cookies were good too.

The baby is still trying to get well.  I am still trying to get her well.  Poor thing still hates to get her nose sucked out and it still has to be done.

Hope everyone had a good Sunday!

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