Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Baby Likes Football

I have hoped that I would give birth to a person that would enjoy watching football with me.  I finally did it!  My baby is a fan of football already.  Thankfully!

It is nice to have a little one sitting here watching the game.  She even cries if I block her view of the game.  I just hope that it continues past the first few months of life.

My 4 year-old son has exclaimed loudly his dislike for the sport.  Perhaps he will enjoy playing the game.  I won't steer him in any direction.  He will have to pick his sport himself, as have the older two children.  They have both seemed to pick soccer, although it has caused arguments on the floor during the game.  They have only played indoor soccer in the gym at the YMCA.

Last night I sent my blog off to be printed from July 23 - Dec 31.  I started this blog as a journal for the family.  I am excited to see it in book format.  It will be a black and white book with 76 pages (I believe) for $16.55 from Blog2Print.  I will let you all know how it turns out.

I have finished my push-ups for the day.  I did 7 knee push-ups, and 205 wall push-ups.  My shoulder isn't strong enough yet to do knee push-ups.   I hurt!

My kids went sledding this morning.  My youngest son cried because he forgot his gloves.  He then blamed my sister and I for forgetting to put them on him.  I guess I should have paid closer attention.  He came back in, got warmed up, had them put on, and went back out.  They are at church right now.  I am at home, guess that is obvious, with the baby.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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