Friday, January 13, 2012

My 4 Year-old was the VIP at School

On Wednesday, my 4 year-old was the VIP of his preschool class.  That is what they call the child that is having the birthday celebration.  His birthday was Dec 20, but they were off school that week.  My son got to do a poster of things that he likes.  He was allowed to put pictures of family on it, cut out pictures from magazines, and draw on it.  We traced his hand and I put the date on it.  He put the most recent picture of his siblings and himself.  He cut out some pictures from a magazine... he put a picture of some dogs, vitamins, toothbrush and toothpaste and Legos.  He is a big fan of Legos.  We taped an empty pack of gum to the poster and a Hot Wheels car. 

He was so excited to get to school.  I bought Whales which is a generic version of Goldfish.  I think you get twice as many of them for the same price as you get Goldfish crackers for.  He loves Goldfish, but I would have had to buy two packs of them in order for him to be able to share with his whole class.  His older sister was very excited that there were some left after school. 

When I picked him up from school, he was glowing.  I could tell he had a wonderful celebration, and his teachers gave him a gift.  He also had a Happy Birthday crown on his head.  It is always nice to get to celebrate your birthday more than once.  I know, I was born just after Christmas on the 29th, so thankfully, I have never been in school on my birthday.

He is such a fun little fellow.  You could see the happiness in his eyes as we worked on his poster together.  I took a picture of him and the poster, but I have no clue where the camera went, and my husband is sleeping.  I will post a picture soon though.  He was so proud of that poster.  It is still at school.  I think we will hang it on his wall when he brings it home.

Do you remember being the birthday child at school?  I remember my mom bringing treats for the whole class.  I always felt so special!

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