Friday, January 20, 2012

"What is Taxidermy?"

I was just sitting here wondering what I would write my blog about tonight.  I already wrote that my son and daughter have been sick.  I brought the baby to the doctor today and they tested her for RSV and the flu.  Thankfully both came back negative.  I don't like when my children have RSV.  I was happy to hear that was negative.

My daughter came out and asked me, "What is taxidermy?"  She didn't quite say it right, but it was close enough that I knew that was the word.  So I said, "Taxidermy?"  She said yes.  I told her that it is when an animal dies, you can get it stuffed.  My 4 year-old was right there.  He looked at me kind of oddly and ran off.  My daughter just kept looking at me, like I was crazy or kidding.  She couldn't decide which.  So, I told them that when someone's dog dies, and they love the dog and don't want to bury it, they can bring it to the taxidermist and get it stuffed.  Then they could set it next to them and still pet it.  I am not sure what they stuff them with, but I said with cotton.  She said, "Like a stuffed animal."  I knew she meant a toy. I have to admit, I prefer much prefer to have pets buried.  I don't think I would like seeing my dead pet regularly.

I then went on to ask her if she remembers the animals at the zoo and told her those are stuffed.  That really confused her.  I could tell by the look on her face that I had misspoke.  I then changed it to the animals at the museum.  She understood that, and seemed happy to know that the animals at the zoo weren't dead.  I think she was trying to figure out how dead animals could run around!  She told me that she just thought those animals were statues.  I told her they used to be alive.  It made sense to her and she went back to bed. 

I sure am glad that I realized that I said the animals at the zoo, instead of at the museum.  I am not sure she would have ever wanted to go back.  Who wants to see a bunch of dead animals running around?  I think that would be freaky!

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