Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Tear and a Giggle

My little daughter accomplished two things in the past 24 hours.  Last night, she cried her first tear... she had a tear run down her face to her ear, while I was using the nose sucker.  She has had tears in the past, but they never left her eyes.  She giggled tonight, a couple of times.  I think she did last night too, but immediately got the hiccups.  She got the hiccups again tonight when she giggled.  Poor little one, we my mom nicknamed her Princess Hiccup at about a week old.

She laughed at 4 days old, but it was a fluke, I am certain.  Her brother that was 3 years-old at the time, was flopping around on the couch and she let out a laugh.  She also laughed in her sleep one evening while my sister was holding her.  My sister laughed at a funny part of a show, I forget what we were watching, and then the baby just started laughing.  Probably lasted for at least a minute, but I didn't time it.

I'm wondering if taking fiber while nursing is affecting her.  It isn't really helping me too much, but she had one explosion out of the diaper tonight, and then a near explosion out of the diaper.  It was contained, thankfully!

Do you ever have days when you lose complete track of what day it is?!  Today I keep thinking it is Thursday.  There really is no reason why I would think that, but I keep needing to remind myself it is Wednesday. 

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